Resources for fiction writers

The writing resources listed on this page have all been useful or invaluable to me at some time.

General writing advice and support

Writing advice and support Writing is a lonely business, and sometimes it’s good just to have someone to talk to. These communities and blogs are the best out there for information, support and friendship.

Absolute Write Forums A huge and supportive forum for writers of all areas, fiction and non-fiction. Run by writers, for writers.

Writer Unboxed A nice blog with general information and an active and friendly Facebook community.

Writer’s Digest A resource with a very wide variety of information. Useful, but take it with a grain of salt.

Avoiding scammers and bad publishers

Avoiding scammers and bad publishers Don’t be a victim of scam publishers. Don’t get caught by a well-meaning but ultimately clueless publisher. Check everyone before you publish. These resources will help you avoid the sort of publisher that will take your money or harm your career.

Bewares, Recommendations and Background Check About to submit to a publisher or agent? Have a contract in hand? Check their effectiveness and legitimacy first. (Part of Absolute Write Forums.)

Writer Beware Alerts, warnings, scam checks and advice for writers on publishers who might be less that legitimate, or just clueless.

Preditors and Editors A list of all known agents, editors and publishers, with ratings on whether legitimate, paying or not recommended. (Note the spelling of ‘prEDitors’.)

Writing courses

Writing courses I don’t normally promote writing courses. I find that a lot of them are just vehicles for the trainer to sell their material. Even if they aren’t a lot of them teach that there is only one way to write.

Online Classes with Cat Rambo Cat Rambo’s courses are different. Cat is a previous editor of Fantasy Magazine and has years of experience in publishing. She’s also an accomplished author with over 200 published stories to her name. Her advice is invaluable and the courses are worth the price. They are held online using Google Hangouts, so you can take them from anywhere in the world. Getting up at 3am to attend one of Cat’s classes was tough, but worth it.

Getting feedback on your writing

Getting feedback on your writing It’s always helpful to get fresh eyes on your work. If your only readers are friends and family, consider getting an objective viewpoint.

Critters Writers Workshop A free critique workshop. Useful, but requires a lot of effort on your part and can take weeks before your work is up for review. Especially useful to beginners, not so good if you have a deadline.

Online Writing Workshop A very useful site. A lot of big names have come out of this workshop. It costs ~$40/annum, but you can get feedback a lot faster. Good for the more mature writer.

Finding markets for your writing

Finding markets for your writing Don’t forget to check any potential market for visibility, remuneration, sales and activity before you sign a contract.

Duotrope The most useful short-fiction market listing and submission tracker, now unfortunately costs $50/year. Worth it if you are making money from short fiction though.

The Grinder A new and free alternative to Duotrope, with most of the features. If you’re selling to non-paying or token markets, use this. It lists all short-fiction markets though, from non-paying to pro, in all genres.

Writers Market Run by Writer’s Digest, this is the biggest resource for finding agents and publishers. Be aware though that a listing in Writer’s Market DOES NOT confer legitimacy. Check first!

Australian Writer’s Marketplace Specifically for the Aussie market.

I’ll keep updating this page as I come across new resources. Do you have any resources that you can’t do without? Feel free to share them in the comments to help other writers.

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