Snippet: terraforming story, draft 0, 24 May

Lisa smiled and padded across the room on bare feet to stand next to her sister’s Mobile Triage Capsule. On the hard light screen hovering above her, the image of a polyp rotated slowly, stubby tentacles undulating in a simulated current.
“What is it?” The dull grey tube looked incredibly unattractive, especially compared to the bright corals Angela had been working on.
“It’s a modified Caryophyllia polyp.”
“And for the non-scientists in the room?”
“Deep sea coral.” Angela flicked her fingers and the polyp grew a hard casing, extending out into a delicate branching fan with hundreds of tiny mouths reaching out into the sea. “These are part of the bathypelagic fauna.”
“Right.” Lisa was familiar with the ocean zones, and where each of Angela’s creations ‘fit’. She had to be. Diving was, along with a lot of activities, out of Angela’s reach now. So Lisa was the one who seeded Angela’s creations in the right place. Under intense scrutiny from her pedantic sister. “I’ll check over the submersible when I get back.”
Angela swung the pod around. “Where are you going?”
Lisa raised her eyebrows. “Shuttle coming in? Work?”
“Oh. Well, I’ll see you tonight, then.” She was already turning back to her screens, but waved a hand in farewell.
Lisa paused at the door and looked back. Angela reclined, arms raised, fingers tapping a silent medley, a conductor surrounded by a full ensemble of screens, 3D printers, growth tanks, plas-wombs, sequencers, and tubs and tubs of nutrient broth. The status lights on the pod all glowed green. Angela would be fine.

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