About Me

Meryl Stenhouse is an author of short-to-medium sized fiction, and a huge fan of the short form. She grew up on a diet of fantasy novels and B-grade science fiction movies, from which she learned many things, such as, ‘heroes only like beautiful women’ and ‘female characters should be cute and womanly and good with children’ and ‘highly sophisticated future societies still require women to wear impractical, revealing clothes and makeup’ so it’s no wonder she grew up to be a feminist.

She’s passionate about all things speculative fiction and is a game nerd and proud of it, a pastime she shares with her family.

Later in life she discovered wuxia movies, where she learned never to annoy the quiet man sweeping in the corner because he’s probably a grand master at something. She’s been practicing with a broom ever since. Just in case.

Hello! While you’re here, let’s talk about story.

My writing philosophy is that stories have power. The power to move us, the power to make us think, the power to change people’s perspective. They hold up a mirror to our lives, and sometimes the reflection is identical, and sometimes startlingly different.

I love stories about women. Strong women, courageous women, shy women, frightened women, women with their own agency, their own destinies. A woman is not an accessory to someone else’s story. A woman is the centre of her own world. My stories delve into the challenges of life, into courage without violence, into strength without muscle.

I believe that everyone is creative. That we all carry that spark that elevates our work from what is necessary, to art. But it’s not always clear where your creativity lies, and I think so many people give up before they find what speaks to them.

I daydream.  All the time.  About people, about places and events, about grand ideas and what it means to be human.  I try to make these ideas come alive on the page.  Sometimes I am even successful.

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